1. Lennon Look Behind You! “Exterminate”

    There is a Dalek Behind Lennon. He just gets more epic!!!


    Day 09: Name something/someone in real life that you suspect is from Doctor Who.

    The Beatles totally went traveling with the Doctor at one point.

    Magical Mystery Tour? Come on. That sounds exactly like a trip in the TARDIS. 

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  2. OMFG Its a TARDIS shower!!!!!!! *Nerdgasm*


    As a college student, I could definitely use a shower that’s bigger on the inside.

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  3. landroid:

    Might as well start off with a bit from the art collection.

    Gene Gonzales, HeroesCon 2011. I had the idea for this type of pin up and Gene nailed it. 

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  4. Warhol Dalek


    Day 17 - A Piece of Who-Related FanArt

    Extrait des excellentes créations de Tibots, imprimé en grand sur mon frigo !


    Fan art de Boulet qui revisite le TARDIS


  5. Cutest Dalek ever!!!!


    Exterminators of the woodlands.

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  7. fozzybear783:

    To Miss Pickles

  8. The History Of English in Ten Minutes lol.